Santy MasciarĂ²

My roots are in Sicily ...

But my footsteps are a bit everywhere in Europe

I was born in Syracuse where I spent the first 25 years of my live.

Here I discovered my passion for the Guitar and I started studying, studying and studying...

With only 19 years I got my diploma at the Conservatorium of Pescara with the highest appreciation "cum laude" of the jury.  

Then I decided to criss-cross Europe for giving concerts and organising master classes. I finally settled down in Germany where I lived for 10 years. Here I build up non-profit organisation with art, language and music courses (12 teachers & 250 pupils). I also gave  classes at the University.

After this rich expericene I moved to Toulouse (France) with my family and decided to further evolve professionally. I wanted to keep on teaching guitar but to make it in a more entertaining way. 

So I decided to create a unique place in 2013: The music-restaurant l'Ouverture - where I am organising special events permitting me and my students to be on the stage. Italian poetry, theatre, playing all is pemitted. Everything is "music" in my ears  - especially Italian!

Now after 7 years in France, I will move to London for the next professional challenge...